About Donnie Bryant

My name is Donnie Bryant.  I operate a copywriting business / marketing consultancy out of Chicago, IL.

I specialize in direct response copywriting.  Some of the mediums I commonly use are:

  • Sales pages and letters – Long or short copy to sell your product or service like never before.
  • Website copy – Content that will draw web traffic, educate your visitors, and present your offering in a compelling way. Make your readers want to come back again and tell others.
  • Direct mail – The sniper of marketing methods. Push some key hot-buttons with your customers or prospects.
  • White papers – Establish yourself as THE expert in your field. You may be suprised how effective these can be for obtaining clients.
  • Article writing – Get in trade journals or magazines that your customers read. What better way to demonstrate the change you can bring to their lives?
  • Brochures – Make the most of the brochures your customers look at every day.
  • Press releases – Let the world know about your newest advance. A secret weapon for many smart small businesses

Feel free to get in touch with me concerning your writing needs.  I’d love to help you catapult your business!

Contact me at donniew@donnie-bryant.com.  Or you can check out my webpage at www.donnie-bryant.com.


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